Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Play Report: Mijnlieff #1

As gamers we soon learn that there is a great difference between knowing the game and, playing the game. In my last post we took a good look at the former but, how does the theory work as practice?

Well one thing that I have certainly learned from play is that changing the board drastically changes the game. Now this may seem like an obvious point to bring up for those of us who have played games with variable boards before, like ZOMBIES!!!, Space Hulk, Dungeonquest and, The Legend of Drizzt to name but a few.

Mjinlieff differs however in that the shape of the board drastically alters the value of the pieces to you as a player. If for example you create a board with very few diagonal connections, then the diagonal pieces become worth a lot more to you because they place greater limitations on your opponent and the spaces that they can play into in response.

Something tells me that this is only the tip of the iceberg too.

This is certainly a game I expect to be playing a lot more of in the future as it's right up my street! Abstract, Strategy and, Rules light. Stay tuned for more reports as we see just how deep down the rabbit hole we can trek with this gem.


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