Monday, 9 July 2012

Quickstart: Logan Stones


Logan Stones is a simple light-strategy game that combines elements of Connect 4, Othello and the playground classic Rock, Paper, Scissors. Don't be fooled by the relative ease of these component games or my description of Logan Stones as "light" however as the depth of play can be quite substantial, as can the level of challenge.

The Game As It Is Played

Logan Stones consists of 18 double-sided playing pieces (the Logan Stones) that depict one of three images (a rock symbol, a paper symbol and, a scissors symbol).

Before play these pieces are mixed in a bag (provided with the game). Two pieces are then removed from the bag and placed next to each other to form the starting set-up. The remaining pieces are then dealt out equally between the players.

The first player then places a stone of their choice so that it touches two stones already in play, flipping them if they are trumped by the stone placed. For example, placing a stone displaying a paper next to a stone displaying a rock will flip the rock. It is then the next players turn.

If a player cannot place a stone (because they have run out) they must move a stone instead. They may move any stone as long as it does not leave a placed stone touching only one other stone. Moved stones are treated the same as placed stones and will trump a stone they are placed next to if at all possible (rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper and, paper beats rock).


The first player to connect any four (or more) matching symbols in a straight line wins.

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