Friday, 27 July 2012

Week Of The Troll: Elder Tunnels - Winter / Spring 2010

It couldn't be the week of the troll without giving an honorable mention to the excellent folks over at Peryton Publishing. Not only are they great guys but, when it comes to their products you sure do get plenty of bang for your buck.

Starting way back in the cold winds of Winter 2010, Peryton Publishing now has 6 issues of the Elder Tunnels zine under its belt and, in my opinion, they just keep getting better and better.

Right now however, let me take you back to issue one, as we take a journey and begin our exploration of the Elder Tunnels.

It has to be said that for my money the first issue was a little hit and miss from my point of view. I absolutely loved the "Wuthering Depths" adventure written by Tom K. Loney. It had depth and an atmosphere that really drew you in as the GM reading over his notes. Stephen Butka's effort, "The Sorcerers Chimney" however left a lot to be desired.

This is not to say that however that the adventure was poorly conceived but, rather that in comparison to Tom's work it seemed incomplete and sketchy. Monsters are presented in a bizarre fashion and, encounters and locations lack any great detail. That said however, I can see that this may appeal to the old school GM's out there who see loosely described rooms and blank locations as a great chance to show off their own creative flair.

That's not me though. I like nicely fleshed out adventures that are ready to run straight out of the book. This is what I feel that you get with the Wuthering Depths. More than that I would say that the Wuthering Depths isn't just an adventure, it's a setting. A setting that is well worth the price tag on the cover, even without the other adventure included.

In conclusion, buy it. It's well worth it.


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  1. You can also now get dead tree copies of all but one of the Elder Tunnels issues through Amazon, which might help some folks save on shipping.