Sunday, 22 July 2012

Week Of The Troll: Typecast

At a quick glance, Tunnels and Trolls may seem to lack the bite that the modern gamer has come to expect when they invest in a roleplaying game.

Only four character types (eight in later editions) might seem a little paltry in comparison to other games now widely available but don't those handful of types just about describe everything you'd ever need for crafting mighty adventurers in a land of high fantasy?

Warriors, Wizards and, the guys in between. For me this covers just about any character from popular fantasy fiction you might care to name. Conan, he's a warrior. Gandalf, a wizard. The list goes on.. And so does the list of types.

One of the real selling points of Tunnels and Trolls is its excellent fan driven community, who have over the years produced a great wealth of material, new spells, new kindreds and, new types to name but a few of their achievements.

So if you're not quite sold on the handful of options in the rulebook, why not take a look at some of these fan creations. All of which are great in their own right and, offer some interesting insights into how you may create types of your very own.

Alchemists by ProfGremlin.
Barbarians by Cartomancer (Me).
Bards by mgtremaine.
Beast Masters by Burraggha.
Berserkers by Ken St Andre.
Brawler / Martial Artists by wilowisp.
Burglars by Scott Malthouse.
Godswords by Scott Malthouse.
Minstrel by Scott Malthouse.
Ninjas by Burraggha.
Psi Knights by Dan Prentice.
Kung-Fu Fighters by Bruce V Edwards.
Shamans by Bruce V Edwards.
Superheroes by Dan Prentice.
Thieves by Bruce V Edwards.
Wildfarers by Scott Malthouse.
Wytchfinders by Scott Malthouse.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my character types - great list!