Sunday, 12 August 2012

On The Cards: Sunday 12th August

Well my new approach to things seems to be working from a planning point of view.

True, I haven't managed to get everything done that I wanted to but, by and large if I set out to do it, it has been done and, I still have the rest of today to boot.

Just in case though, anything that I currently have outstanding has also been penciled in for early next week so one way or another, it's certainly getting done. ;0).

Amongst my other works in progress, the Diablo II Fast Play creature conversion is also coming along nicely and, we are quite close to reaching the half-way point. I will be carrying this one on for as long as it takes and, also potentially opening up a couple of other on-going projects over the next week.

This week will should also see a tech update to the blog. Now that I am beginning to get to grips with Blogger I hope to clean up the interface a little and, add a few more user friendly features that I have seen on other blogs and, thought were nice touches.

Content wise, I will be adding a new feature, The Aladdin's Cave, posting up a few more thrift store finds that I have made over the past week and, continuing to post up more great Alchemy Bytes and DMotivationals.

As ever I will also be posting up anything that catches my gaming eye, so stay tuned and, stay frosty. :0)

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