Friday, 17 August 2012

Plug For A Bud

A friend of mine has recently started up a local gaming group in my area and, after working out the details of what we wanted to say here, he has given me the go ahead to plug his new group on the blog.

So here it is!

This is a group for gamers of all ages, who live: in / close to / willing to travel to; the North West Of Birmingham.

We are currently based around Bearwood and hope to expand our group to a larger size.

We are hoping to get a group to meet at least once per week, maybe once in a weekday evening and potentially once at the weekend.

We play all sorts of games, tabletop, wargames, roleplaying, card and lots more.

Post in the group or email us at:
If you have a product, service, site or, blog that you would like to plug here, drop me a mail here. 

It's free and I am happy to accommodate almost any reasonable request.

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