Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Trollish Grapevine

With such a close-knit community like that of the Tunnels and Trolls fans, it really doesn't take long for news to spread like wildfire.

So what's today's burning issue that has just made it to my mailbox?

Shipman is at it again! That is he's trying to sell TrollsZine, a FREE Tunnels and Trolls E-zine produced by the fans for the fans, in yet another feeble attempt to profit off of the hard work of others... Again.

So, I'm here again to go on record as a contributor to the first two issues of TrollsZine to ask you all not to buy from this crook. No-one that has EVER contributed to TrollsZine has done so with the intention of making money and, we sure as hell don't want some hack coming from the outside and damaging our name by doing just that.

Download your copies of TrollsZine from the links below for FREE and say no to this con man that would have your money for nothing!


TrollsZine #1
TrollsZine #2
TrollsZine #3
TrollsZine #4
TrollsZine #5

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