Sunday, 9 September 2012

2 For 1 On Marine And Chaos Forces!

There's no sale though. Just a loophole within the Warhammer: 40,000 rules big enough to park a Baneblade in!

A loophole exacerbated with the reintroduction of alliances in 6th Edition. So, imagine if you will that you could not only effectively collect two armies more or less for the price of one but, that you could field three armies instead of two without breaking the new alliance rules.

How cool is that!? But, how do you pull it off?

The trick here is to pick your paint job. What you are going for is finished models that look something like the Fleshtearer in the upper right of this post, just minus the decals and insignia.

They're black and red, you declare them as Fleshtearers, they're Fleshtearers right? After all decals are an optional extra by and large. An added extra that you really don't want!

The thing is though that the Red Corsairs are also decked out in red and black as you can see in the picture to the right. So those Fleshtearers could easily be Red Corsairs... After all, they've got no insignia to suggest otherwise right? ;0).

There you have it! Two armies for the price of one!

If you want access to the Blood Angels Codex, Wargear and, alliances, field them as Fleshtearers. If you want access to both the Space Marine and Chaos Codex's, Wargear and alliances, to mix and match on a whim, field them as Red Corsairs!

Taking the later option even opens up the possibility of a Necron alliance.

Space Marines laying down oppressive firepower, Chaos Daemons deep striking with impunity and, Necrons withering armor whilst point blank refusing to die... What hope does your opponent have?

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