Friday, 7 September 2012

It's A Good Thing

 One of the most impressive home grown finds that I have been lucky enough to come across in the past few months is Project Good: The Battle by Project Good, a small UK independent publisher that could well make it big.

I say this because they have managed to break one of the biggest rules of any tabletop skirmish game. The often unwritten rule. The rule that dictates what is acceptable when choosing a force to bring to the table.

Games Workshop go the whole hog with this. Not only do you have to use their miniatures but, they even go as far as telling you pretty much what your army MUST consist off. True, it's not quite that regimented but, it's not far off it is it?

Other games present you with a similar situation by imposing you with a specific setting or genre. In Project Good: The Battle (PG:TB) though that goes straight out of the window. You can use any miniature you have to hand, whether that be toy soldiers, old action figures or, as listed in their very own miniature manual, the dread cucumber!

So there you have it! A game where you can bring any miniature to the table. Now that's a good thing!!

What this game is effectively doing is giving you the green light to collect and paint as many different miniatures as you like and, giving you a game to play them all within. No more laborious army painting as one-on-one combat is the norm. No more limitation on what you can and can't bring to the table. No real limitations at all!

All that and only a light A5 rulebook. Now that's what I call a game!

Why not give it a look?

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