Friday, 14 September 2012

Before You Croak

Well I've been feeling a bit low over the past couple of days so I figure what better to cheer me up than breaking out a few bones and cracking a few skulls.

Creating new characters is always fun and, today I even went as far as creating a whole new kindred. Quite why I couldn't tell you but, I was possessed of a desire to play as a frogman. Now, ordinarily ideas like this would just be written off with other systems but, as you know I favor Tunnels and Trolls where pretty much anything is possible as long as you can imagine it.

So inspired largely by the Slaan of Blood Bowl I set about creating a set of modifiers for my new kindred, that I will be naming the Frogkin.

Personally I see the Frogkin as having a more impressive physical stature than the average human and their ability for great leaps is certainly a feat routed in Strength, so I've gone for a modifier of 1.5.

Frogkin unlike the Slaan though have webbed hands, being more akin to frogs than men in my estimation, so i have added a 0.5 modifier for Dexterity.

Lastly I have decided that Frogkin can obviously swim a lot faster than they can walk so when traveling using this method they can effectively double their Speed, giving us the following modifiers:

DEX: x0.5, SPD: Doubled when swimming, STR: x1.5.

And here's what my first Frogkin Warrior looks like:

Name: Rwh-Whibb' Et.
Kindred: Frogkin.
Type: Warrior.
Level:  4.

Strength: 44
Constitution: 19
Dexterity: 15
Speed: 20
Intelligence: 12
Wizardry: 12
Luck: 19
Charisma: 16

Combat Adds: +50
Missile Adds:  +53

Common, Brawk (Language of the Frogkin)

Short Sword (3+0, 30WU)

Leather Jerkin (1 hit (doubled to 2), 15WU)

Other Items:
Napsack (10WU)

Acrobatics (DEX+4): Ducking, dodging, bounding and, weaving with swanlike elegance.

Climb (STR+1)
Great Leap (STR+1)
Swim (STR+2)

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