Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #9: Gothmog

Name: Gothmog.
Kindred: Human.
Type: Wizard.
Level:  2.

Strength:  21
Constitution:  28
Dexterity:  24 (32)
Speed:  10
Intelligence:  28
Wizardry:  12
Luck:  13
Charisma:  12

Combat Adds:  +22 (+30)
Missile Adds:  +34 (+50)




Other Items:
Cloak of Night (Worn as a robe, +8 DEX whilst worn, 40WU).

Dem Bones Gonna Rise (10 WIZ), Catseyes (6 WIZ), Spirit Mastery (8 WIZ).

Commune (WIZ+6): Gothmog may make a LXSR on WIZ to commune with the spirit of anyone who's body he can physically touch and has been dead no more than 1 hour. X is equal to level of the deceased or, it's MR divided by 10. Only one attempt may be made per individual.

Dissect (INT+5): Given the right tools and appropriate time, Gothmog may attempt to dissect a body for "useful parts". A successful dissection requires a SR to be made of an appropriate level (1 for common creatures, 4 for very rare, almost unheard of ones).

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