Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dungeon! Variants #3

Continuing on from my previous articles here and here, part three adds the Monk and the Bard to the fray!

The Monk and Bard in Dungeon!
by Jon Pickens.

Here are two new pieces for that great game, Dungeon!

The Monk competes will with the Hero, Elf, Dwarf, and, Hobbit. Whilst the Bard takes on the Wizard, Superhero, Cleric, and Thief.

These new pieces will allow players to experiment with a grand total of ten different strategies.

THE MONK. Representing the far Eastern martial arts expert, the Monk moves six spaces per turn.

He fights as an Elf, getting two strikes in combat (only one if using a Magic Sword). If his first blow kills (or has any effect on an ambusher), the Monk gets a bonus move of one square, which may not be used to initiate another attack.

A Monk treats Serious Wounds as "drop one prize, retreat one square, lose one turn". He cannot otherwise be wounded or lose turns, but he does lose prizes and can be killed.

The Monk ignores all traps except those that transport him to a chamber one level lower. The Monk may not ambush other players.

He may not pick up Magic Armor or any prize worth more than 3000GP. The Monk needs 10,000 GP to win.

THE BARD. The Bard moves five spaces per turn.

He attacks and defends as a Hero. The Bard is unaffected by "Hold" and can only affected by Fireballs and Lightning Bolts on a roll of 8 or better. In addition, he gets any combination of the following cards up to a total of four:
  • Entrancement Song: Played instead of attacking. The opponent's return is automatically "No Effect", but the Bard can not pick up the treasure.
  • Combat Song: Allows the Bard to fight as a Superhero when played.
Unlike other pieces using cards, the Bard need not return to the Main Staircase to replenish his stock. He may restore them at the rate of one per turn that he that he takes no other action.
The Bard's songs are considered magical for all in game purposes. He needs 20,000 GP to win.

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