Monday, 15 October 2012

Alchemy's Workbench #6: Laying Down The Velvet Gauntlet

Here's one they made earlier.
As well as the terrain that I am currently painting up for a friend, he has also handed me several of his other unpainted miniatures to work my magic on. One of which is this challenging little number from Games Workshop.

A quick search of their website soon turned up an image of what the finished project might look like and, it's interesting to see that they went with much the same color scheme that I had imagined (I had to guess as the box has long since gone missing).

Whilst in all honesty I have to admit that the shape and form of this model isn't exactly my cup of tea (it's lacking a certain something that I can't quite lay my finger on) it should prove to be quite interesting to paint as it should require nothing more than basic techniques to achieve what you see above, which is admittedly a rather nice overall finish.

Looking forward to this one but, it'll be some time before I get around to this one I imagine as I still have a handful of terrain to do, 35ish 20mm undead, a handful of 20mm adventurers, a not so 20mm troll and, potentially some more terrain to paint up beforehand!

Not to mention all the other models that I have my eye on...


  1. I have always found larger miniatures daunting because it is easier to see where I made what I would call a mistake...fully knowing that most people would probably not notice.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. No matter how good the finished product looks when I paint a mini, I can still always see at least one or two "mistakes".

    I wonder if all painters feel the same?