Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #14: Stamm Bladecaster

Name: Stamm Bladecaster.
Kindred: Dwarf.
Type: Warrior.
Level:  5.

Strength: 52
Constitution: 54
Dexterity: 24
Speed: 8
Intelligence: 22
Wizardry: 8
Luck: 15
Charisma: 17

Combat Adds:  +54
Missile Adds:  +66

Common, Dwarven

Dwarven War Axe (6+2, STR: 25, DEX: 8, 240 WU).

Leather Trouser (1 hit, 40 WU).

Other Items:
Ankle-High Soft Leather Boots (15 WU), Cotton Tunic (15 WU).

At One With The Earth (INT+4): A life spent largely underground grants you a bonus when trying to navigate your way through environments made primarily of stone (Tunnels, Caves, Dungeons etc).

Barter (CHR+6): Dwarves love a bargain and, Stamm is stingier than most.

When selling goods Stamm can get his level x5% more for items and, when buying goods Stamm pays his level x5% less. This cannot reduce or increase the value of items by more than 50%.

Brute Strength (STR+5): You may add 5 to your combat total every round due to your innate Dwarvish strength.

Resist Intoxication (CON+1): This bonus applies to any substance that would normally debilitate an individual (Ale, Wine, Poisons that cause paralysis etc). 

Stonecutter (INT+3): Grants you a bonus in detecting changes in stonework and naturally formed stone (changes in elevation, secret walls, stonework traps etc).

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