Friday, 23 November 2012

Dungeon Master And The Daroou

In my ongoing project to convert the entire cast of champions from Dungeon Master to Tunnels and Trolls, I have again reached a point where it has become necessary to create another new kindred. The Daroou.

It's no surprise that Tunnels and Trolls didn't have this one covered as even looking at Daroou (the name of the champion in question after which I have named the kindred) I had a great deal of difficulty working out exactly what it was supposed to be.

In one respect it reminded me of the imps from the original Doom game, but after a conversation with a Dungeon Master old-hand, we agreed that Daroou looked a lot more like a Wookie. At least that's what he had always thought, and looking over the Internet, it seems he was not alone. The concept presented here in particular really captured my imagination, and shaped the Daroou as I will be casting them.

Given that a large proportion of the previously cast kindreds for the Dungeon Masters Series wouldn't be out of place in the jungle, I have decided that the Daroou will represent the all encompassing spirit of nature given physical form, protecting natural order as caretakers of the canopies and guardians of those who live in harmony with it.

All of the Daroou are in truth one entity (the jungle), taking many physical forms in order to protect itself and could be thought of as an immune system of sorts, called into action when the land feels threatened. As such all Daroou share a hive mind and cannot truly ever be killed, crumbling into dirt and dust when slain. This also makes them a poor choice for a PC as they would be totally out of place in most dungeons.

That being said, the Daroou still need to be statted out in order to be played, and in order for me to be able to complete the Dungeon Masters Series. So in relation to that I have decided to give them the attributes of a Jungle Troll (with the STR modifier rounded up for good measure) as they are in many respects, identical.

So the modifiers for the Daroou are as follows:

The Daroou
Attribute Modifiers: CHR x 4, CON x 3, INT x 0.75, LK x 0.75, STR x 3.

I hope you have as much fun introducing them to your campaign or, maybe their forest cousins as I did creating them.. Well, converting them. ;0). 

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