Monday, 26 November 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #19: Daroou

Name: Daroou.
Kindred: Daroou.
Type: Monster.
Level:  8.

Strength: 72
Constitution:  84
Dexterity:  19
Speed:  11
Intelligence:  16
Wizardry:  11
Luck:  15
Charisma:  60

Combat Adds:  +70
Missile Adds:  +77

Wizard Speech.



Other Items:

Brute Strength (STR+4): You may add 4 to your combat total every round due to your immense natural strength. 

Gift of the Earth (WIZ+6): Daroou takes 6 less damage each round/turn from "Earth" effects (Such as a cave-in or, stone weapons). 

Healing Touch (WIZ+3): Daroou may lay hands on any willing party and restore 3 CON at the cost of 2 WIZ.

Hive Mind (INT+1): This talent can be applied to any SR and CBT generated by a Daroou when there is more than one present.

Insight (INT+4): Able to fully explore any given situation quietly and quickly within their own thoughts, Daroou are often able to give good advice to those who seek it.

Resist Intoxication (CON+3): This bonus applies to any substance that would normally debilitate an individual (Ale, Wine, Poisons that cause paralysis etc).

Tough Hide (CON+1): Your hardened and earthy flesh reduces damage taken by 1 point.

Tracking (INT+6): The ability to follow trails and tracks left by others as well as the ability to hide your own.

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