Saturday, 3 November 2012

Miniatures Of Myth And Legend Or The BIG Box Of Plastic

Ever wanted some children of the hydra's teeth to call your very own?

I have. Jason and the Argonauts was probably one of the first, if not the first fantasy movies that I ever saw and, the scene with the skeletons was always one of my favorite. There's a reason why it's a classic.

It's awesome and, for me, sets the bar of how skeletons should look if you're modeling one. None of that red glow rubbish. Pure, animated bones that look like they might fall over in a strong (hell, even a light) breeze for me thank you very much. It's a timeless and iconic look and the chance to bring that to the gaming table was not something that I was going to overlook.

Enter the Skeleton Warriors of Myth and Legend (they really have a name that epic) by the Wargames Factory or, as I like to think of them, the big box of plastic.

For me this product is a win on three fronts:

1 - They don't cost an arm and a leg.
2 - They capture that "iconic look" far better than most plastic miniatures.
3 - There's a LOT in the box.. A LOOOOT!

So, what do you get in the big box of plastic?

40 Skeletal heads (4 different expressions, 10 of each).
48 Right arms.
30 Left arms.
30 Sets of legs and lower body.
30 Pairs of skeletal feet.
30 Torsos (3 different spinal angles, 10 of each).
30 Round shields (Greek style).
30 Spears (although they look a lot more like javelins to me).
10 "Arm Claw" (these look REALLY cool).
10 Bow and Quiver.
10 "Earth Burst" bases.
10 Greek Sword in Scabbard.
10 Greek Sword without Scabbard.
10 Persian Sword in Scabbard.
10 Persian Sword without Scabbard.
10 Knife in Scabbard.
10 Spears (these ones really do look like spears).
3 Pikes.

Now that's a lot of bang for your buck in one box, especially one that costs less than £20. Not only do you do you get the tons of choice, you'll also no doubt have plenty of spares to fill your bits box with, making this buy real value for money.

There is one drawback however. The 10 "Earth Burst" style bases included, are all you get. No standard square or round bases, which is definitely an issue with models that have little to no chance of standing up of their own volition. That feather light look is their appeal though and, buying a bag of bases won't break the bank (I paid £2.50 for 50), so I would still recommend these every time over the pitiful 10 warriors you'd get for a comparable price from that other company.


  1. Love the Wargames Factory Zombies...and maybe look to Mantic to get some bases for cheap that you can easily add some putty to fill in the middle.

  2. Was very tempted to pick up some of those today and my friend has been eying them up for months. :0).

    Another one that grabbed my attention was the Kings of War Zombie box by Mantic. By and large they are good but, nothing special, however the model that is only the lower half of a zombie with a few internal organs hanging where the torso should be really intrigued me.

    I've never seen anything quite so graphic in a zombie miniature and, since there's not a lot of him / her, you could really use it in pretty much any scenario. :0).

  3. I have a bunch of those ready to paint (the Mantic zombies) - I merged in some Mantic ghouls as well to add some more diversity

    1. I sure hope you'll be posting up some pictures of those in the near future. :0).