Saturday, 3 November 2012

Where's Your H.E.D.Z At?

Whilst putting together a few items for sale that I had in storage in the spare room (hopefully some day to become the gaming room once I shift myself into gear), I found my copy of H.E.D.Z, the Card Game.

Whilst outwardly appearing to be little more than a Top Trumps freebie clone (it came free with a gaming magazine), it does hold a secret.

Printed on the back of the back of the standard rules card is a variant, that with no modification, could be played with any set of Top Trumps or, similar cards. So, for your trumping pleasure, here's they are!

  • Deal out 7 cards to each player.
  • Each player selects five 'live' cards to play with.
  • Remaining cards become the players draw pile.
  • Each player selects a card from their live cards.
  • The lead player declares a category.
  • The card with the highest value wins.
  • The winner places his card and the losers at the bottom of their draw pile.
  • If both values on a card are tied, both cards are placed centrally an the winner of the next hand also adds along with the losers card and, their winning card to the bottom of their draw pile.
  • If you run low on cards and you are the lead player, you may pass control to your opponent to draw the top card of your draw pile to your live cards.

  • You win the game if your opponent has no live cards left to play.

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