Saturday, 29 December 2012

Still In Blog-ness

I know it's been a while since the blogs seen an update, but let me assure you all, I am still busy beavering away. Just not at the blog of late.

Truth is that it has been WAY too cold in my particular part of the world to entertain the idea of sitting at my desk for any extended period of time. That coupled with a lovely little virus that just keeps on giving. :0/.

Things are both looking up and warming up however, so all being well, normal service will be resumed soon, and can I take this opportunity to thank all of our regulars that have been swinging by on what must be a daily basis to check up on us. It's much appreciated. :0).


  1. Even your 7 posts for December beat me for a monthly snapshot...

    You were on quite the pace there for awhile.

  2. I certainly was! :0). I think I may slow the pace considerably for the coming year however so that I can get my typing fingers working away on the plethora of projects I seem to have amassed in the "Started and really should crack on with" pile. ;0).