Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Swords Edge: From An Orcs Point Of View

One of the projects that I have been working on of late (on top of all of my other projects and gubbins) is a complete re-write of Tunnels and Trolls, from the ground up. Not that there is anything wrong with the rules as they stand, but even the rule book tells you that if you don't re-write it, you're not really playing the game.

Also, what I'm going for is quite unlike the rules as they stand. I'm creating a game that is set long before any established Wizard's Guild (a big thing in standard Tunnels and Trolls). So no Wizard's Guild means no Wizards. Rogues are as high as magic gets... There is always religion though. Groups of people that through sheer faith are able to perform potent acts of magic. Maybe the early "Wizard Gods", who knows? They had to come from somewhere right?

This is a HUGE change, as Tunnels and Trolls has always been very particular in steering well clear of religion. It's not the only big change that I have planned however, one of which will really go against the grain of traditional tropes.

No. More. Monsters.

Well, not per se anyhow. One of the big things that I have always loved about Tunnels and Trolls is the vast array of kindreds open to the player. Far more than that "other game". I think this is in no short part down to both inspired games design that was way ahead of its time, and of course, Tunnels and Trolls sister game, Monsters! Monsters!

So rather than simply say that kindreds, such as Orcs are generally monstrous sword-fodder, I will be taking the approach that every kindred included has a unique culture and society. Humans, Dwarves and, Elves may still be the norm, but the thing that will differentiate them from other races will be culture rather than kindred. Each will have a stake in the game world, maybe some greater than others, but each will none the less have a role to play. That is the name of the game after all.

Blood, rust, cults, and low magic. This is quite a different Trollish world.


  1. coolness...sounds interesting and a project indeed

    1. Thanks Jerry. :0). I'm really quite looking forward to working on this one.. Well this one, and the other one.. And the other one. Lol.