Sunday, 27 January 2013

Alchemy's Workbench #9: Zombie Movie!

With so many incomplete projects sitting in a semi-permanent limbo state on the metaphorical workbench , the last thing I should probably be doing is throwing more fuel on the fire but, sometimes you dream up an idea that appeals to you so deeply, you just have to see where it's going to take you.. In this case a couple of ideas.

I'm really getting into Jerry Teleha's Campus Chaos adventure and, having at least a couple of zombie fans in my local gaming group, it's getting harder and harder to resist the idea of running a session of Stay Alive! myself. It's that good!

I do get the feeling that we'd be a lot more Shaun of the Dead than, Dawn of the Dead though, as even in our "serious" campaigns, humor tends to take over. Which is awesome! So I say, start as you mean to go on.

With that in mind, I have a couple of more absurd ideas in mind that I have spawned a few adventure seeds from:

Hold Out! A.K.A Zombies on a Boat: A generic corporation that may or not be related to a parasol has decided to smuggle their latest experiment overseas via civilian transport with disastrous consequences. Either that or it's a vile attempt to assassinate the head of the CDC who's holidaying on the cruise ship in question.. Whichever seems funnier at the time.

Speak Easy or Die Hard: Prohibition era America and, there's something in the bootleg moonshine. Grab your Tommy Gun and suit up, there's worse things than the "evils of alcohol" roaming the streets tonight.


  1. Awesome on the Zoot Suit Zombies...i love any idea of running games in past eras....Prohibition Zombies, Gaslight Vampires, Civil War Werewolves....all gravy.

    I need to get to the Uk and join your group!

    1. I'm glad that you approve Jerry and, if you ever find yourself this side of the pond, you'd be more than welcome to join in the fun. :0).

      I'm really hoping that I can bring this one to the table but, with all of our group members being on different shift rotations, waiting for the stars to align is often more likely to happen than being able to run anything gaming wise.. Sadly. :0(.

      Still, there is always play-by-post and, nothing to stop me from getting those ideas down on paper. :0).