Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kremm 101

Commenting on a previous post, I complained (if complained is really the best word to use) about how I felt the allocation of WIZ costs within Tunnels and Trolls was fairly arbitrary (okay, it sounds a LOT like complaining).

However, after having spent the better part of this afternoon studying the spellbook like a first year apprentice at the Grand College of Wizardry, I have found that whether by coincidence or design, there is a pattern linking the level, cost, range and, duration of a spell. Of course, it doesn't apply to every spell in the book but, as the 7.5 manual I am working from had several different authors designing spells, that's no wonder.

Still, it makes for a nice framework when Wizards reach the 5th level and want to leave there own mark on the Trollish domain.. It'll also be all kinds of useful for my proposed plans to create new colleges of magic.

So here's what I have so far:

  • The base cost to cast any spell is the level of the spell multiplied by three.
  • Next apply the following range modifiers to the casting cost.
Up to 10 Feet: x1
Up to 20 Feet: x1.1
Up to 30 Feet: x1.15
Up to 40 Feet: x1.12
Up to 50 Feet: x1.25
Up to 100 Feet: x1.5

  • Now multiply this new value by the desired modifier for duration
Up to 1 Combat Round: x1
Up to 2 Combat Rounds: x1.1
Up to 3 Combat Rounds: x1.15
Up to 4 Combat Rounds: x1.12
Up to 5 Combat Rounds: x1.25
Up to 10 Combat Rounds: x1.5

That's level, range, cost and, duration covered! Now all I need to do is build up some kind of list of what effects you can expect to generate at each level. Which is probably the trickiest part of the task at hand.

Some effects seem much easier than others to pigeon hole from a peruse of the spellbook, such as how much damage a spell can dish out, but I'd really love to hear what other people think a spell should do at any given level.

Can you really become invisible at level 2? What are your thoughts guys?

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