Monday, 29 April 2013

Post 300!

So here we are, post 300! Another excuse to break out "Mr 300" and, another
milestone for the blog (of which there have been a few of late).

In the past couple of weeks we have not only reached 10,000 hits, but 10 followers and, now 300 posts. That's a lot of big numbers, which of course means big thanks to everyone who's give us a hit (we're averaging out at just under 500 a week, up significantly from our regular 200ish a week), we have a new follower which I hope means that we're reaching a wider audience, receiving more comments from a wide range of people which pretty much confirms that and, I am more driven of late to get more content up on a more regular basis.

This is all good news from where I'm sitting, as the best you can hope for as a blogger, blogging gratis, is that you'll be noticed.. Well noticed for the right reasons. :0).

So again, I thank all of you who have shared the journey to 300 post with me and I hope you'll all continue to stop on by. :0).

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