Friday, 19 April 2013

Spontaneous Roleplay!

So I'm just pottering along, minding my own business, checking my messages, idly thumbing through the news when suddenly I am transported off to scrub land, Arizona.. And I'm a neurosurgeon. A burn out but, hey do I have a way with the ladies. It must be spontaneous roleplay. Probably the best sort.

It all kicked off a couple of days ago when sifting through my Facebook feed, I came across a post from the fine folks over at Peryton Publishing:

You're a small town Sheriff's department in Arizona. You hear from the homeless kook by the 7-11 that Hitler's brain is transported from a pharmaceutical lab in Albuquerque to a hospital in LA by a bike gang. Oddly, the bum has always been a good source of information. There is a sudden surge of calls about UFOs in your area.
What do you and the other players do?

After a couple of jokes I was soon caught up in the flow of the action and, I have to say that even from my limited experience of sitting on the players side of the table, that this will be a session that stays with me.. In a good way.

Check out this exert and, why not check out the Peryton Publishing Facebook page whilst you're at it?

Tom: Dr Vance (Tom) you go to speak with your med-tech, that operates your clinic's portable X-Ray machine. When you come back into the exam room, the boy is gone. You look out in the waiting area, and his aunt is in there reading a magazine, like she is waiting for him.

Me: I call out to my med-tech (let's call her Mary), "Hey Mary, where's the Brubaker boy? I left him here only a minute ago. Dammit! Did he come past you?"

Tom: Mary comes around the corner with the portable X-ray machine humming in front of her as she guides it.
"I thought he was in Exam A?"

Me: "Nope". Dr Vance takes a moment to ponder the situation and caress his fine jaw in an act of passive narcissism. "Well he must be here somewhere. Be a doll and take a look out front would you?" Doctor Vance then proceeds to check Exam A, suspecting that Billy is playing some silly prank or perhaps even playing hide and seek.

Tom: The boy isn't hiding behind the exam couch, nor in the small cabinets beneath the sink. (Draw a playing card, if it's within three from what I've drawn, its a successful saving roll on perception) 

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