Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dungeons & Conversions

Do you know the great thing about D&D 3.5?

It's a great source of inspiration. Whilst I have no great interest in ever running any of the material as it is written, nor the system that it was written for if I can ever help it again, many of the supplements do have a lot to offer to the budding homebrewer.

A great example would be Complete Scoundrel. I recently picked up a copy of this because I was thinking to myself "Well, they've done Warrior World, how about Rogue World?", which is in itself a whole other matter, but keeping on topic, inside Complete Scoundrel I did find a lot of great material. Where they list Skills and Feats, I see Talents, likewise Prestige Classes can easily be broken down into the Talents that make them up. Equipment is a little trickier to convert but not impossible with a little common sense. The same goes for spells. Honestly, this book is a goldmine!

Then the matter of "Rogue World". I picked up this book expecting it to be rather "theif-centric".. Okay I made that word up but, I'm pretty sure that it communicates my point. I expected a world full of assassins, pick-pockets and, cat-burgulars. That's what I expected as that's pretty much how the D&D world views the rogue. What I got however was quite to the contrary as it turns out even Paladins can go rogue with this supplement..

So for the purposes of conversion, this particular book was a bit of a mixed bag of mostly good things. The Skills are good, as are the Feats, and equipment. I also like the idea of being able to flesh out the roguish nature naturally inherent in delvers into other classes but, given my previous example of the Paladin, doesn't always work in my opinion.

All-in-all though a good solid resource for adding some spice to your game.. Once you remove the "other game" that is. ;0).

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