Thursday, 2 May 2013

Going Solo #0: Munchkin

It's not often that I start a new feature with entry zero (in fact this is a first in our short but eventful history) but, upon surmising to myself what I wanted to achieve with "Going Solo", I realised that I already effectively had an entry for it.

Whilst the ultimate goal of this feature is to create solitaire versions of games, that compare closely to the original in both play-style and mechanics (not just another game that uses the same components but has nothing more to do with the original than that), the solitaire Munchkin variant that I created wasn't half bad.

It was pretty basic and in hindsight a little clunky, but it worked. Either way, I dare say that I will revisit it in time with fresh eyes and new ideas as I am quite the Munchkin fan. For now though, I say let sleeping dogs lie.

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