Thursday, 2 May 2013

Predators, Tribbles And, The Fett

A recent discussion over at the Peryton Publishing Facebook page, in which we
conjured an alternate universe populated solely by science-fiction parodies (Shatner's Toupee meets a Tribble meets the Brain Slug's of Futurama anyone) has set me thinking.

The original topic matter was who would come out on top in a death match between Boba Fett and The Predator? This combined with the tangent that we traversed inspired Tom to want to pay homage to The Predator within his gaming world and, has set me wondering just how a Predator would shape up in Tunnels and Trolls terms.

What modifiers should the Kindred receive and, how should it's vast arsenal be statted out?

Whilst I am far away from reaching any definitive answers, I have found some great resources after a dig on-line, covering not only The Predator (which is apparently a "Yautja") and his weapons locker but, also a great fan-written supplement for the "other game" covering the usage of sci-fi weaponry in a fantasy setting.

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