Sunday, 5 May 2013


Continuing with my current theme of Talents, I figured I would post up an idea that I have toying with for a while now. It's had several incarnations, but it's most recent (and current) is that of the professional.

It runs along the lines of when you're selecting your type, you may also select a profession. Your profession is representative of how you have been spending your time up until the point you set out on a career as a delver. Typically this will be a job title but it's also conceivable that your character has spent years in study (if they're a Wizard for example) or, made a living from crime. This are the details that I am still ironing out.

Whilst being a professional will offer your character no immediate bonuses, years of training won't go to waste, and each profession will come with a list of associated Talents. Should your character select one of these Talents from the word go or, when leveling up they instead get to roll 2D6 (DARO) to determine the bonus granted by the Talent instead of the standard 1D6. A BIG bonus but, limited to their field of knowledge and their experiences to date.

I would be the first to admit that this idea still needs a fair bit of work and, is a long way from completion but I do think it has legs. It's a new way of playing with the existing rules that leads to more rounded characters (a sticking point of 7.x amongst a lot of Tunnels and Trolls players).

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