Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #8: Hissssa, Lizar Of Makan

Name: Hissssa, Lizar Of Makan.
Kindred: Makan Abomination.
Type: Monster.
Level:  4.

Strength:  42
Constitution:  28
Dexterity:  30
Speed:  11
Intelligence:  18
Wizardry:  19
Luck:  19
Charisma:  26

Combat Adds:  +55
Missile Adds:  +73




Other Items:

Brute Strength (STR+6): You may add 6 to your combat total every round due to your immense natural strength.

Dodge (DEX+1): Your reptilian build makes short, swift movements easier for you than it does for other kindreds. As a result, you have 1 point of "natural armor" when dodging blows that you are aware of.

Slither (SPD+1): Stooping down low and almost pressing yourself to the ground you increase your movement SPD by 1.

Venemous (CON+6): When fighting in unarmed combat you may choose to bite your opponent. If you do so, halve the damage you inflict but reduce either their STR or MR by 6. The effects of this venom wear off after a week with a successful L1SR on CON. If the SR is missed, the victim may roll again once every day afterwards until successful.

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