Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series: Hisss

Well it's got to a point in the project where it has become necessary to build a new kindred, Something I have really been looking forward to from the outset.

The task at hand is to create a species of snake human hybrids (the original was apparently supposed to be a lizard according to a write up but as I have always seen it as snake, a snake it's going to be).

For inspiration I decided to look up the Yuan-Ti of Dungeons and Dragons fame. I have always thought that they were pretty cool, so the chance to play as one seems like something I should really jump at. Not to mention how well I think they'll compliment my Frogkin (which still need a little tweaking) should I decide to introduce them all into a campaign setting.

That's a post for another day though. Right now, I have my keen reptilian senses set on the here and now. ;0).

Looking over this entry I found in a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Wiki, I think the way forward is to introduce Purebloods, Half-Bloods and, Abomonations. I'll be keeping the Makan name from Dungeon Master however, even though I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with his species and, is probably just an indicator of where he hails from. Still, it sounds cool, so it's staying.

I have chosen Purebloods, Half-Bloods and, Abomonations as it seemed a very Tunnels and Trolls way to go. One is a 50/50 mix of man and snake, whilst the other two lean more towards 80/20 in either direction. This to me is very similar (but not identical) to way that Tunnels and Trolls handles Types. Rogues are the middle ground when it comes to magic / combat balance with Warriors and Wizards leaning more one way or the other.

That's my logic anyhow.

Purebloods: The "perfect" combination of human and snake, often resembling tall and slender humans with strong reptilian features in their faces and scales ordaining their bodies. Some Purebloods also possess a stub or short tail. Like all Makan kindreds, Purebloods have an innate distrust of the "goodly" kindreds who for centuries have hunted them as monsters.

Attribute Modifiers: CHR x 2, DEX x 1.5, INT x 1.5.

Half-Bloods: Similar in appearance to Purebloods, Half-Bloods are often the result of a coupling between a human (or humanoid such as an Elf) and as such possess more humanoid traits than their Pureblood cousins.

Makan DNA is significantly more dominant than human however, so such breeding will still always result in offspring possessing the scales and striking facial features that are the hallmark of all Makan.

Attribute Modifiers: CHR x 1.5, DEX x 1.5, INT x 1.5.

Abominations: Throwbacks that have inherited more than their fair share of reptilian DNA. Not much is known of the process that creates the Abomination as both of the parents are often Purebloods but, being born as such stands you in great stead in Makan society. Often refered to as the "Pure of the Pure" amongst their own kindred they are afforded great luxury by them and often hold positions of power and influence. 

Abominations are almost purely snakelike, with only a human chest and arms to separate them from the giant serpents that inhabit their homeland and, could be the missing link that connects the Pureblood to other races such as the Lamia or the Naga.

Attribute Modifiers: CHR x 2, DEX x 1.5, INT x 1.5, STR x 2.

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